Diary in ETR

People working in the project meet in different cities. Each organization will host other at its place.

Here is a brief description of the meetings that have already held.


The first meeting:

Warsaw, Poland

4 – 5 of December 2015


We wondered how to reach to as many people with information about the project.

We wanted to find out what knowledge about Internet security users need .

After discussion, we decided to post questions on Facebook.


Effects of discussion and deliberations can be seen on the section Materials



The second meeting:
Riga, Latvia

22 – 23 of April 2016


Meeting participants were designing the database.

The database is a computer program in which is stored information and data.

Data and information are ordered.

In the database it is easy to find useful information.


The third meeting:

Prague, Czech

9 -10 of September 2016


We talked about how to write a certification handbook.

The best computer labs will receive a Certificate of Safe Computer Lab.

The certificate is a testimonial that the lab meets requirements of the handbook.

This means that a person with intellectual disability can safely work in the computer lab.


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