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The SafeLabs project will be lasting till the end of August. All our intellectual outputs are ready, course was held in Portugal. It was the best time to disseminate our project’s results.

Every partner organized the seminary or conference. Below the relatipns are published.


First Conference on Information Technology in Education and Therapy of Persons with Intellectual Disability – Sale Laboratories.

Warsaw, 6th of June 2017

83 participants.

Conference was organized in Caritas Conference Centrum at Dzielna street. At the beginning of the first part the project SafeLabs was presents. The very interesting part was presentation of some computer labs. The invited guests – labs leaders and labs users – showed their places telling stories, presenting photos or films.

On the second part of meeting conference participants were divided into two groups. One of them had possibility to see the presentations of AAC. The second group, consisted of adult persons with intellectual disability, took part in a computer course.

The conclusion of the conference was: we all want to be in touch – via facebook or forum. And we are lloking forward the next this type conference.



Dissemination event  on  the topic ”ICT- support for learners with special needs”.

Riga, Gertrudes iela 18

2nd of June 2017

36 participants.

Dissemination event was organized in cooperation with  Riga 1st special education institution. In the first part of the event  iPad, applications and additional needs has been presented, as well as Interaction with the world through ICT by Ian Bean. Specific learning – “Student voice” has been also presented. Especially interesting was part with Augmented reality, which is getting more attention in educational field.

Theoretical learning has been combined with practical activities, where majority of participants could use their tablets/phones or notebooks. Safelabs  project concept has been once again presented, covering project idea, aim and results created.

Practical work has been possible with learners in a smaller groups.

The conclusion of the event was that there is a huge amount of different tools, which can be successfully integrated into the teaching/learning process.

Czech Republic

Dissemination seminar about „Safe internet for Persons with Intellectual Disability“

Prague, 31th of May 2017

52 participants.

The seminar was held the day before the start of the international conference Europe in Action in the same place Hotel Angel´s in Prague. At the seminar we introduced the SafeLabs project. Participants were informed about the outputs of project – survey, Certification Guide and especially about the database and rules of safety policy. Lenka Bigmore, our National Trainer, lectured on how to prepare a course for people with intellectual disability.  The participants had the opportunity to share their experiences but also the concerns regarding the cyber violence. Lecture hall was fully covered with a WIFI connection; participants had the opportunity to try working with a database on a computer or a tablet.

The morning seminar was followed by an afternoon meeting with people with intellectual disabilities on the topic of Internet dating. Participants shared their experiences with social networking experience. Participants were given printed rules in ETR format.

The conclusion of the meeting was: we like to speak more about using of social media and sharing our experiences.



Seminar about “Safe internet for Persons with Intellectual Disability”

Santarém, 13 of July 2017

52 participants.

The seminar was held at the School of Education of the Polytechnic Institute of Santarém (IPS) with the collaboration of the Alexandre Herculano School Group on July 13, 2017.

In the first part of the seminar the Safelabs project was presented as well as its web page and the database of rules that can be worked on with the students.

In the second part of the seminar, participants were divided into two groups. One group attended the presentation on safe behaviors on the Internet and computer labs. The second group, composed of young people with educational needs, participated in a computer course.

All seminar participants received a welcome packet, including a digital version of the Certification Guide.

The conclusion of the conference was: we are all aware that there is a lot of work to be done in this area, especially for young people with educational needs but this project is an important step in building the necessary tools to acquire more awareness and knowledge in this field.




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