Trešā partneru tikšanās Prāgā, 2016.gada 9.-10.septembrī

Trešā projekta partneru tikšanās Prāgā, Čehijā

photo3 Friday, 9th of September 2016


    1. Portuguese partner added some info in their parts. So partners filled/are to fill versions in their national languages and publish surveys on project portal

    2. English version – should be checked (grammar and typing errors)

    3. partners should disseminate survey. All disseminate activities must be documented in folder “dissemination” on our


    1. some partners have not filled some pages on portal and are asked to do it. Portal pages (menu options) which should be finished already:

      • Project

      • Partners

      • Resources

      • Diary

      • Contacts

      • Home page

    2. Calendar – after discussion Partners decided not to implement a calendar on the project portal, but create a submenu option “Activity’ where project activities will be published. Margarita promised to change project portal layout.


    1. how to translate rules?

      • every rules should be translated into English

      • future database implementer will be asked if it is possible to send automatically email to all partners from Partners dictionary (except author) about new rule in English.

    2. Ana Torres presented the database application made in another Portuguese project. Partners decided it can be adapted to SafeLabs case. AnKa will be in touch with Ana and database author, Mauricio.


Saturday,10th of September 2016

  1. DRIVE.GOOGLE issue

Sometimes happens partners write over documents versions changed by other partner. Sometimes there are two document versions on project’s Partners are asked to use to edit common document. If sb needs to upload Ms Office or Open Office document, he/she is asked to upload, open in, delete Office document. This way formatting is lost, but formatting will be done in the end, after all changes. Final version of documents in English will be formated by Anka, other partners will format final versions of documents in their national languages.

  1. DATABSE -continued

    1. nest steps with database, after implementation and running:

      • Testing the database

      • Inserting data to database

      • Database publishing

      • Database dissemination


    1. many info about certification process is included in our application form;
    2. 100 working days (if it is not enough partners can shift from database budget -20%)

    3. Partners defined three areas (categories) of rules to be filled and checked in certification process and assigned organizations responsible for creating the part of certification Guide. Areas and organizations are:

      • Technical requirements of the classroom PSONI
      • The human behaviour/resources – lab leader, teacher (qualification, responsibilities, ….) SIC, SPMP
        • Subsection for private data and safety behaving in the internet -> regular training or process description (not only training but also meetings with parents etc.)

        • Using mobile in labs.

        • Keeping up to date with new threads

        • Recommendation of „psychological” rules

      • Software requirements IPS
    4. AnKa is to prepare templates

    5. Guide should be ready before half of January!

    6. some requirements are obligatory, some are propositions – it should be clearly distinguished
    7. in some countries exist centralized requirements – should be mentioned in Guide

    1. 19.02 SUNDAY (arrival day) – 24.02 (training till1pm,some participants could leave in the evening) – Renate to confirm!

    2. AnKa is to ask NA about culture event and travelling dates
    3. costs will be shared, IPS (Portugal) will invoice partners for printing materials, coffee breaks and other costs

    4. there is not special activities for persons with disability


    1. the Windows Movie Maker program were presented

    2. other software was also mentioned:

      • VideoScribe

      • Moovly
      • Powtoon


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